Our Story

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Nicole, the founder of Health Junkie.

In 2016, an ill friend visited while I was pregnant. Knowing I was particularly susceptible, I did everything I could to boost my immune system: lots of kale in my green smoothies, extra vitamin C, and I also took the plunge to try something new: Elderberry Syrup.

Searching store shelves, I was frustrated that every elderberry product I found was loaded with processed sugar and other additives. With a background in holistic health, I knew I could make something more wholesome. I got to work, and Health Junkie Elderberry Syrup was born.



My family started enjoying my incredibly delicious homemade recipe daily. Soon after, my go-to elixer became popular with friends, family, and even friends of friends. Elderberry has a powerful reputation, especially through cold and flu season. 

Seeing a need for a wholesome Elderberry Syrup, I launched Health Junkie into stores and farmer's markets, where it could nourish new families.

Today, I'm the proud founder of an incredible wellness product handcrafted with love in Cleveland, Ohio. It's my privilege to share it with you and your family on your wellness journey.

To get personal, I love my kids and husband more than anything, I thrive on sunshine, and if I’ve got some free time (admittedly rare as a mom to energetic preschool and kindergarten boys)  you can usually find me experimenting with new recipes or reading a fantasy novel.